Impact of Giving

Impact of Giving

By supporting Closer to Free, you help us turn bold, innovative ideas into powerful new cancer therapies. Your donations not only advance great science, your contributions also support our deep commitment to personalized medicine.

Some of the many ways your donations are put to work include:

Innovative Clinical Trials

There are over 100 clinical trials from Yale Cancer Center available for patients at Smilow Cancer Hospital and its 11 Smilow Care Centers. Funds from Closer to Free have been used to support the availability of clinical trials, testing new treatment options for patients where standard therapies are not an option.


The Closer to Free Fund has provided funding for the survivorship clinic at Smilow Cancer Hospital, which is available to all cancer survivors. The Clinic evaluates patients post-treatment and creates an individualized care plan including diet, exercise, supportive care, and cancer surveillance. The Clinic also provides patients and their families with vital information on cancer prevention, wellness, supportive services, and the latest health research related to cancer survivorship.

Phase I Research Program

Phase I Research is the first step in determining whether a new treatment will be successful for patients. Many trials offer hope to patients without other treatment options available to them. The Phase I Research Program at Yale Cancer Center evaluates new treatments and new combinations of therapies, many of which have been developed through laboratory research at Yale. The support from Closer to Free expands the number of Phase I trials made available to patients, bringing more possible treatment options to cancer patients everywhere.

Cancer Genetics and Prevention Program

The Smilow Cancer Genetics and Prevention Program is composed of an interdisciplinary team that includes geneticists, genetic counselors, physicians, and nurses that work together with the goal of providing cancer risk assessment and preventing the development of hereditary cancers. Patients considered at risk for a familial or hereditary cancer receive genetic counseling and testing so that informed medical decisions can be based on their own personal risk assessment. These interventions can have a huge impact on a person’s life by allowing them to better manage their health and reduce their risk of ever developing cancer. The funding from Closer to Free helps to provide genetic counseling support to patients at high risk.

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